• Searching for business partners: Research, audit and screening of potential business partners
  • Due Diligence: Revision of direct marketing companies involved and the statutory audit and financial assistance through federated
  • Guided tours: Pre, during and after service and coordination for local tours organized by local companies
  • Territorial Auditing: Finding sites to set up companies or branches
  • Open Start-up: Delegation and registration of the company, opening representative office, research staff
  • Project Management representative on site, supervision of project development, periodic reporting from the investor


  • Segmentation and Positioning Business: What strategy is the right one for your business? Let's talk ...
  • Product Strategy and clients: Use of strategic models to assess products and value propositions
  • Megatrends and Market Analysis: Research and analysis of the latest trends, potential of a region or nation
  • Business Plan: Support in making and reviewing company Business Plan
  • Analysis of Return of Investments: Using financial techniques to evaluate the financial return on investment
  • Search of Equity: search for potential investors, recapitalization via Venture Capital, direct investment


  • SC set-up and Management: Enabling ERP, MRP, On Time Delivery, Strategy of Inventory
  • Relationships with Suppliers: organization of supplies, cost strategies, expansion plans, production, contracts Inventory SC
  • Programs of inspection and audit suppliers: Implementation models for the evaluation of suppliers in terms of quality, risk capacity production, office support (purchasing, engineering, ...)
  • Outsourcing of production: analysis of the products, markets, strategic evaluation of suppliers, production line transfer program
  • Business Resumption Plan: Analysis and Risk Assessment, a strategic document, periodic review


  • Revision of products: Programs tear down, Quality Test
  • Reduced costs: Implementation of programs to reduce costs without affecting the intelligent quality
  • Development of new products: Market research, long-term goals of clients, 5 forces analysis, development of key ideas
  • Relationship with Research Centers and Universities: set-up of business relationships between companies and Universities', contracts for product development, Intellectual property management, scholarships for students research
  • Competitions EU: Evaluation Framework Programs, construction of network of potential partners, responses to the tender specifications
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